Inverse Days 2006: Programme

Wednesday: Breaking News Day

Afternoon session 12:00-17:00
Venue: hall K1702, Konetalo Building

12:00 Samuli Siltanen: Opening of 12th Inverse Days
12:05 Chris Johnson: Inverse Bioelectric Functional Imaging: Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization Abstract
13:00 Giovanni Alessandrini: Stable functionals for severely ill-posed problems
13:30 Lassi Päivärinta: On Calderon's problem
14:00 Coffee break
14:30 Matti Lassas: Invisibility Cloaking and Inverse Problems
15:00 Daniela Calvetti: Inverse problems in cellular metabolism
15:30 Erkki Somersalo: Images and hypermodels
16:00 Theodore Huppert: Direct reconstruction of hemoglobin changes by multimodal fusion imaging of the human brain Abstract
16:30 Martti Kalke: Implementation of Frequency-Based Limited Angle Tomography in Digital Dental X-ray System

17:15 Bus transportation to the hotels.

19:00 Reception at Kehräsaari, center of Tampere


Morning session 10:00-12:00 (Bayesian methods)
Venue: hall K1702, Konetalo Building

10:00 Hanna Pikkarainen: Convergence rates for the Bayesian approach to linear inverse problems Abstract
10:30 Amy Kuceyeski: A spatially distributed metabolic model of the liver in fasted, resting state
11:00 Knarik Tunyan: Bayesian Flux Balance Analysis of Skeletal Muscle Metabolism Abstract
11:30 Kati Niinimäki: Multiresolution local tomography using wavelets
12:00 Lunch break

Afternoon session 13:00-17:00
Venue: hall K1702, Konetalo Building

13:00 Janne Huttunen: Discretization error in non-stationary inverse problems
13:30 Tomi Huttunen: Challenges in the microwave tomography of wood
14:00 Markus Harju: Reconstruction of discontinuities in the nonlinear one-dimensional Schrödinger equation from limited data Abstract
14:30 Petteri Piiroinen: On diffusion processes with boundary conditions
14:00 Coffee break
15:30 John Bardsley: Regularization Methods for Ill-Posed Poisson Likelihood Estimation: Theory and Computation
16:00 Armin Lechleiter: Tangential cone condition and convergence of a Newton scheme for EIT Abstract
16:30 Nuutti Hyvönen: An implementation of the factorization method within the complete electrode model of electrical impedance tomography Abstract


Morning session 10:00-12:00
Venue: hall K1702, Konetalo Building

10:00 Simopekka Vänskä: Numerics in the inverse Beltrami field scattering problem
10:30 Rossmary Villegas: Level Set techniques for geological shape reconstruction in reservoir characterization
11:00 Lauri Ylinen: Two-dimensional tomography with unknown view angles
11:30 Sirkka-Liisa Eriksson: Hyperbolic Function theory
12:00 Lunch break

Afternoon session 13:00-16:30
Venue: hall K1702, Konetalo Building

13:00 Seppo Pohjolainen: Inverse Problems and Control
13:30 Henri Pesonen: Numerical Integration in Bayesian Positioning
14:00 Ethan Murphy: A study of the 2-D Electrical Impedance Tomography problem using the D-bar Method on Non-circular domains Abstract
14:30 Mikko Orispää: FLIPS (Fortran Linear Inverse Problem Solver)
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Sampsa Pursiainen: On hp-FEM and electromagnetic inverse problems
16:00 Andrey Osipov: On uniqueness in determining the potential of a Sturm-Liouville operator from its Dirichlet and Neumann spectra
16:30 Samuli Siltanen: Conclusion of 12th Inverse Days

Annual meeting of the Finnish Inverse Problems Society 17:00

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